Obsessed with virtual game world and relax
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Obsessed with virtual game world and relax
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There are many reasons. Some people make a living purely on games, not addiction, but the top elites in the game industry, who are on the road to professional leagues, while some people are for entertainment, and some people are using virtual worlds. Escape from reality and form a psychological dependence over time. It can be said that indulging in the virtual world is unable to extricate itself.

Games are now an indispensable part of people's lives, and with the continuous updating of electronic products, the content of games is constantly enriched and their functions are constantly becoming stronger.

The social games of the game include many. In the game, cooperate with teammates to complete tasks and establish relationships between mentor and apprentice, lover, enemy, etc. Even large-scale camp wars and various cooperation between gang wars require the social function of the game. Its main platform is basically based on the chat system that comes with the game. Now, many games have powerful chat and voice functions, voice functions and various signal functions.

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The actual social cost is too high

It is very easy to make friends in the game. Basically, as long as there is a chat, many people will respond. It does not take long to play games with other players online, which is a net fee. In fact, the cost of hanging out with friends is not so simple. Now, the round-trip fare of the subway is not low. I think I don’t spend a lot of money when I go out to eat, watch movies or go shopping. I don't know where I will spend my money when I get home. Enrichment, I believe many people will feel this way.

Moreover, social networks in real life are not only economically expensive, but also consume more energy than social networks in games. Social networks in real life mainly involve getting along with leading colleagues and many acquaintances. You must wear a mask in front of other people. It looks different, but in the game, you can become the personality you want. You don’t have to worry too much, even if you can sometimes tolerate small problems and face other problems, you can let go. The wrong place will naturally be treated with the attitude of the past.

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The current game mode is actually relatively single, such as MOBA, RPG, racing, solitaire, open world, etc. Most games involve only one game and rarely consider various modes, so in terms of games, it will be relatively single. Of course, there are no different types of games. The game at your fingertips considers a lot of content. This is also because the content is so large that some players even find the content a bit confusing. Due to the uniqueness of the game, players are exhausted and social content will become more interesting.

Social networks are an important part of the game. In most games, whether it is signal communication or voice communication, you need to rely on communication to win. Its basic function is to communicate more in the game. Now it is the social aspect. The entertainment of the game is increasing, just like many interesting things have happened in the world channel of "Jian Wang No. 3", many things have happened from time to time. The stories between players in the game and the stories in the game are spread on the world channel. Even hanging up the phone to watch the game is fun.

Even if the world in the game is fun and attractive, it is ultimately a virtual world. Many people are addicted to the game world, but forget their social life in real life, which eventually leads to the deprivation of six relatives and the betrayal of people. You may be the god of the game, but in reality, every player is an ordinary person with a different identity. Everyone should have the simplest emotions for reality. Don't express their concerns in the game, but be open and communicate more with your family.