Efficient file data storage and custody system
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Efficient file data storage and custody system
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The file custody system refers to the code of action that requires relevant personnel to abide by and work in accordance with certain requirements in the process of file custody.

The fundamental purpose of the system is to ensure the normal operation and efficient development of archive storage. A scientific system helps prevent and reduce archive damage, prolong the life of archives, and maintain the integrity and safety of archives.

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Five main contents of the file storage system

1. Explain the purpose and basis of the system

Generally speaking, the archives custody system is used to maintain the integrity and safety of the archives and to regulate the behavior of the archives custody work.

It is the result of concreteizing the requirements of laws, regulations, policies and other file storage work based on actual conditions.

Clarify the purpose of the file storage system so that relevant personnel can have a deeper understanding of the system in their work.

2. Provisions on the Management of Archives Warehouse

Specifically, it includes the environment of the archives warehouse, such as the control and adjustment of temperature and humidity, the system of file entry and exit, "ten prevention" measures, and so on.

The various regulations are fixed in an institutionalized form, which can effectively ensure the smooth development of file storage.

3. Provisions on file confidentiality

File custody work must not only protect the security of the file entity, but also protect the security of the file information. Generally speaking, the degree of confidentiality of files will be roughly divided into three levels, namely "secret level", "confidential level" and "top secret level".

Each level of archives needs to have a corresponding storage system and method, and the system must clearly stipulate how the archive information will not be leaked.

For example, when someone borrows files, what should we do to ensure the security of file information?

Four, different types of storage

We just mentioned that different types of files need to implement different systems. In addition to the secret level, other types must be distinguished.

For example, the extremely precious archives of this unit should be distinguished from other archives, and they should be kept more properly and safely.

For example, for particularly important files, it is necessary to establish a remote backup library for the important files of this level and perform remote backups for important files, which is to use a different carrier for backup. Ensure the readability of information

5. Clarify the responsibilities and powers of staff

In order to ensure the smooth development of file storage, in the file storage system, relevant personnel should be clearly given corresponding powers to provide guarantees for their completion of work tasks.

So now, apart from a scientific and effective system, is there no other way to ensure the safety of archives?

Don’t worry, yes. Technology promotes innovation. There are always some advanced methods and tools. Now the effective and safe method for archives is “archive digitization”.

File digitization is to input paper file information into a computer, convert it into computer-recognizable data, and use it with the "file management system" to complete the long-term use of files and improve management efficiency.

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If it were you, would you "digitize archives"?