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Doctor and fisherman

One day, a doctor took a boat to enjoy the scenery. On the boat, the doctor asked the fisherman: "Can you become a living thing?" The fisherman said no, and the doctor said, "Then you will lose a quarter of your life." After a while, the doctor asked, "Do you know philosophy?" The fisherman Still can't. The doctor said: "Then you will lose a quarter of your life." After a while, the doctor asked again: "Do you know how to do science?" The fisherman still did not. At this moment, the wind is raging. In a huge wave, the fisherman asked the doctor: "Can you swim?" The doctor can't. The fisherman said: "Then your life is over!"

Understanding: Don't be afraid of a thousand moves. In the workplace, as long as you are proficient in handicrafts, sometimes you can relax.

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perfect match

A wealthy lady was so proud of her that she possessed a precious antique that she actually wanted to paint the bedroom in the same color as the antique vase. Several painters tried to bring out this background color, but no one could satisfy this weird woman. Finally, a painter came, and he was very confident that he could make this color. The woman was very satisfied with his results. The son said, "Dad," I have to figure out one thing, how to make the wall color match the vase perfectly? The father replied: "Son, I painted the vase."

Understanding: Some things are not what you want to do, but what you think.
Photos of golden gear on a black background
Minimum consumption

I went to dinner with a few friends at once. When the waiter was preparing to order, he said, "The minimum consumption here is 2000 yuan!" A friend asked, "How much is a plate of homemade tofu?" "18 yuan." "Okay, that's it, come 120 plates!" The waiter went out. Up. After a while, the hotel manager walked in and grinned: "Everyone has freedom, any money is fine, there is no limit!"

Understanding: If you want to violate conventions, you must use unconventional methods.